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Our Services

Strain Gauging

Fortburn has a dedicated team of experienced aircraft technicians performing the installation of strain gauges to complex structures. Since 1994 the company has performed numerous installations over a wide variety of structures including aircraft, marine, rail, automotive, civil engineering structures and commercial machinery.

Fortburn has had extensive experience with gauge selection, specimen preparation, bonding and gauge preparation to cover all environments and materials including composites.

Large scale fatigue testing installations for the Defence Science and Technology Organisation include the Hawk Full Scale Fatigue Test, F-111 Wing Tests, P3-C Orion fatigue test, and several tests on the FA-18.

Strain survey installations for the Royal Australian Air Force include the Internal Loads Model F111 Aircraft A8/144 in which Fortburn was responsible for the installation and data acquisition of 700 strain gauges, measured during the aircraft's cold proof load test.

Other projects include the Service Life Extension Project on a Blackhawk helicopter at Townsville with the installation of 280 strain gauges for flight trials.

Recent commercial installations include the strain gauging of the 787 Dreamliner flap for Boeing.

Data Acquisition

Fortburn are to provide data acquisition equipment and services including DAQ set up, data capture and post processing. For reference to DAQ equipment ref to the link Micro Measurements Group

Fortburn also have Wireless Telemetry systems that can transmit strain gauge signals over a distance of 30 metres.

Structural Testing

Fortburn has had extensive experience in supporting static and fatigue structural testing from small test components through to full scale aircraft.

The support that can be provided is multi-disciplined covering instrumentation, control systems, hydraulics, rig fitting, test article preparation, test management and test operations.

The support can cover all phases of testing from: test set up, which may include equipment procurement and development, to assistance throughout the running of a test, and finally test article teardown and archiving.

Engineering Consulting

Fortburn can provide the services of several senior Engineers to undertake specialist consulting tasks. These include: feasibility studies, project costing, incident reporting, failure analysis, technical report writing, specification preparation and project management.

Specialist Staff Supply

Fortburn provides a source of specialist staff to support scientific research in aerospace and related industries for short and long term placement. Accordingly Fortburn has a pool of very experienced technicians, engineers and scientists with a vast range of experience. Fortburn are also continually on the outlook for staff at a graduate level as they are regularly required by our clients. Administration and general service staff are also provided.

Fortburn manages its business with a goal of providing long-term employment for its people and opportunities for personal growth and development. In return, Fortburn people are expected to meet certain standards of performance on the job, to adjust to changes in assignments, schedules and the work environment when necessary, and to be willing to learn new skills and to apply them when most critically needed. This flexibility is particularly important in our industry where rapid
technological change and intensifying worldwide competition compel us all to continually seek better ways to do our jobs.

Equipment Hire

Fortburn have an extensive range of equipment for hire, some of which include the following:

  • Load Cells
  • LVDTs
  • Accelerometers
  • Data Acquisition Systems
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Hydraulic Enerpac Actuators

Strain Gauge Related Products and Training

Fortburn are the Australian certified installers and suppliers of all Vishay Measurements Group (USA) products.

The company also provides qualified, accredited comprehensive training. This is provided internally at our laboratory or externally on site to suit customer requirements.